Introduction of auxiliary equipment raw material mixer for hollow blow molding production line


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[Introduction of raw material mixer for auxiliary equipment of hollow blow molding production line] The auxiliary equipment of the extrusion hollow blow molding product line plays a very important role in improving the production efficiency of the main machine, ensuring product quality, reducing the labor intensity of operators, and forming an intelligent blow molding machine production line. The auxiliary equipment of extrusion hollow blow molding products molding machine mainly includes: raw material feeding and drying equipment, air compression equipment and compressed air cooling and drying equipment, mold cooling and dehumidification equipment, return material crushing equipment, in-mold labeling equipment and product testing Equipment, water treatment equipment for mold cooling water, and post-processing equipment for blow molding products. At present, all kinds of auxiliary equipment of the domestic extrusion blow molding hollow molding machine have been connected with the main machine to form a high-speed blow molding production line, and electrical automation control has been realized. There are many names of plastic mixers, as well as: plastic color mixer, plastic mixer, masterbatch mixer, plastic mixer, plastic mixer, plastic mixer and other names. In fact, it is just that the names are different in the applications of various industries. In fact, they are all a kind of mixing, color mixing and material mixing equipment, because this is a product designed for the plastic industry. It is mainly used for plastic color mixing. The vortex-type high-speed operation of the material blade makes the plastic pellets (or resin powder) tumbling, colliding, rubbing and heating at high speed, so that the material is mixed in color and the water evaporates quickly from the exhaust port or exhaust pipe to achieve the purpose of drying. 1, The plastic mixer in the front section of the blow molding product production line is used in the plastic industry to mix plastic particles, so that different plastics can be mixed evenly. Using a high-speed motor, the material will not dissolve, volatilize or deteriorate during the mixing process. 2. Structural features of the plastic mixer 1) The overall machine base has a solid structure and stable operation. The stirring paddles and the material contact parts are all made of stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and keeps the quality and cleanliness of the material without discoloration. . 2) The transmission mechanism adopts a high-speed motor to drive the vertical stirring blade paddle of the worm to drive directly. There is no excessive noise during use, and there is enough oil storage to get good lubrication. 3. Instructions for use of the plastic mixer 1) Before use, a dry run test run should be carried out. Before the test run, the firmness of all the connections of the plastic mixer, the amount of lubricating oil in the reducer and the integrity of the electrical equipment should be checked. Then close the main switch, turn on the power, and carry out the dry run test machine. 2) Dry running test. The plastic mixer can be put into production only when no abnormal sound and other adverse phenomena are found. 3) If it is necessary to scrape the material on the barrel wall of the machine during operation, use bamboo and wood tools, and do not use your hands to avoid injury to your hands. 4) If the machine vibrates abnormally or makes abnormal noises during use, it should be stopped immediately and a comprehensive inspection should be carried out. 5) Do not use too much load. If the load is exceeded, the mixing capacity should be reduced immediately. 6) The shaft seals at both ends of the stirring blades should be kept clean to avoid blackening and deterioration of the plastic, and they should be intact. Do not block the plastic mixer to prevent the lubricating oil from overflowing and causing the materials in the barrel to blacken and deteriorate. The operator of the blow molding production line must be familiar with the technical performance, internal structure, control structure and operating principle of the plastic mixer. Do not leave the working place during operation to prevent malfunctions and damage to parts. To ensure safe production, if an accident occurs during the operation of the machine, it should be shut down in time. Proficient in mould|blow molding products|blow molding products customization.

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