Custom Manufacturing Process

Step 1: Send us your RFQ (request for quotation), such like part drawings, materials, color, order quantity, other special requirements. Drawings could be in pdf, igs, stp, step, jpg formats. If you do not have the drawing, you can simply let us know your idea of what you would like to be made, or you can also send us a sample for quoting.

Step 2: Agree on prices, we send you our quotation sheet based on all your requirements, if there is any problem, we could discuss over emails or phone calls, we have fluent English speaking client service to make communication easier and efficient, and minimize the misunderstandings.

Step 3: Prototype or sample confirmation, we make a prototype or some samples for you to confirm your design and the quality.

Step 4: Mass production, after your approval on the prototype or the samples, we will move to mass production.

Step 5: Quality inspection, during production and after production completed we will perform quality inspection to control the quality, and we will send you our QC report to prove.

Step 6: Assembly and packaging, we can also do the assembly and packaging service for you.

Step 7: Delivery. We can delivery to your port, to your door, or even directly to your clients. Just let us know your needs and we will do it.

No matter whether you are familiar with the production of products or not, we will give you a most complete process description, and verify its rationality. We have many customers who have been working with Mulan for a long time and often send us a sample. Mulan is capable of quickly drawing the design sketches and testing them with software to ensure high quality products. Or if you only have one model 3D/2D design, we will produce 3D printed model on the same day for detailed structural analysis.

Mulan has our own precision mold workshop, and also has a joint injection molding workshop for production. The joint work is as simple as walking to another room, saving you time and money. I know you will promise your clients a delivery date, so we will ensure that your reputation will not be damaged. 

Low cost + high quality + on time delivery + your satisfaction = our real products.