Our Service


Although manufacturing is at the core of what we do, this is not all we have to offer to you. We understand the need to offer our clients a complete solution service, from only concept to product design, from manufacturing to quality control, from assembly and packaging to final delivery. Our main purpose is to smooth the entire sourcing transition for our clients, and make things as simple and painless as possible. We can even deliver your products directly to your clients to save you a lot of trouble if you want. 

Mulan provide design, mold make, machining, welding and manufacturing service for plastic molding, metal casting, metal forging and metal fabrication. 

1. Export logistic service and can deliver the products directly to your door.
2. Fluent English language customer support.
3. Project management, lead time control, progress update on weekly basis. 


Our engineers will offer you advice and help you choose the most appropriate manufacturing process for your part based on the design and your needs.

Such like, if one part can be made by several different methods, and cost is the most important factor in your consideration, then we will offer the economic solution (which might compromise the quality to a certain degree), or if quality is the most important factor, then we will offer you the quality ensure solution to meet your needs, or if the timeline is the most important, then we will offer you the process with the shortest production time period.
So, letting us know all your needs and consideration factors is highly significant and necessary.
Do not hesitate anymore and send us your inquiry now at [email protected] Get more information of design, mold, welding, manufacturing service for plastic molding, metal casting, metal forging and metal fabrication. We will reply you within 12 hours. 
Mulan’s Pricing Policy:
Some of the times, Mulan’s price may not compete with other small companies in China or India, because Mulan also considers the followings:
Research and Development cost;
Labor Cost;
Lead Time Control Cost;
Management Cost;
After Sales Service;
Operational Cost;
Profit margin supports the service. Of course, profit margin can be squeezed, but cannot disappear, since if it disappears, the service will disappear along with it.
Mulan’s intention is always to provide our clients the best service we can and think the best interest of our clients. But if we do not have our profit margin to back this up, we are afraid it will be really hard for us to provide our service.
So, sometime, no matter how badly Mulan does not want to say this, but Mulan will have to say ‘No’ to client’s bargained prices.
Mulan will do our best on every single deal with our clients, with all of our hearts, because this is not only being responsible for our people, but also more importantly being responsible for our clients.