Custom plastic rapid prototyping /3D printing

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Mulan MFG can produce customized plastic rapid prototyping and 3D printing products. Our professional design and production workshop can quickly produce products according to customers’ design, with perfect surface, appropriate price, high efficiency, low cost and professional service.

  • Colors: Customized
  • Design: Customized
  • Volume Production: No Minimum Quantity
  • Surface treatment: Polishing, spray painting, electroplating, coating
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    微信图片_20190218144422 微信图片_20190218144450Mulan MFG has a professional industrial-grade 3D printing workshop and focuses on customized plastic rapid prototyping and surface treatment business. With 5 years of 3D printing/plastic rapid prototyping production experience, we have provided high quality precision plastic models for international famous enterprises for many times to help customers realize the design model.

    The printing accuracy can reach 0.05mm, and the size without tolerance can reach 0.1mm.

    Nylon material can reach 0.1mm

    Maximum print size: 80mm*80mm*60mm

    The customer only needs to provide us with the final 3D design file.


    Now the main plastic rapid prototyping production processes are: FDM/SLA/SLS

    FDM/SLA is widely used due to its low cost.

     Custom plastic rapid prototyping

    SLA—White malleable resin material

    Precision: 0.1mm

    The minimum thickness : 0.8mm

    White ductile resin material 3D printing, generally suitable for production: precision, good toughness, high strength, high surface requirements of the product.Convenient for painting and electroplating and other post – processing.



    SLA— Semi-transparent resin material

    Precision: 0.1mm

    The minimum thickness : 0.8mm

    Can make good surface smooth degree, achieve perfect detail to behave, waterproof function is outstanding, can achieve the burnish like diamond.


    FDM — Degradable PLA material

    Precision : 0.3MM

    The minimum thickness : 0.8mm

    Molding materials have engineering plastic standards, high strength, low material cost, degradable.A variety of colors can be selected, spray effect is good.


    SLS— Nylon material

    Precision: 0.1mm

    The minimum thickness : 0.8mm

    High temperature resistance, high strength, good toughness, suitable for household appliances, power tools, auto parts.

    SLS— Glass fiber material

    Precision: 0.1mm

    The minimum thickness : 0.8mm

    High strength, high temperature resistance, suitable for making auto parts, power tools parts.

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