Vacuum Forming Thermoforming


Mulan is a large integrated custom parts manufacturing company, Plastic Vacuum Forming/Thermoforming parts production is one of mulan’s main businesses

We are engaged in customizing Plastic Vacuum Forming products and have 15 years of production experience. We have been providing qualified products for international Plastic Vacuum Forming purchasers for a long time, covering a wide range of areas and winning the satisfaction of all customers.

We have a big Plastic Vacuum Forming/Thermoforming factory, which covers the design, production and production of moulds.Our complete one-stop supply service can meet the production needs of various customers.

We custom make thermoformed products based on client’s design and specifications.The most common Thermoforming/Vacuum Forming materials are High Impact Polystyrene Sheeting (HIPS), transparent acrylic and other materials. Thermoforming/Vacuum Forming common products are including Thin-Gauge thermoformed plastic disposable cups, containers, lids, trays, blisters, clamshells, and other products for the food, medical, and general retail industries, and Thick-Gauge thermoformed plastic vehicle door and dash panels, refrigerator liners, utility vehicle beds, and plastic pallets.

Our facilities are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO TS 16949:2009 certified and have great experience in supplying the US and the European markets, as well as Australian and Mexican markets.


Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming is an alternative to Injection Molding and you can custom make plastic parts in small orders at a fair price. The higher the quantity, the lesser part price will be.


Our experienced personnel can suggest the material options for your unique need:

• Styrene
• Acrylic
• Polycarbonate
• Cement adhesive
• Polypropylene
• Kydex
• Ultra Mount
• Ultra Board
• Komatex
• Sintra
• Other


Materials most frequently used in vacuum forming are

  • ABS – very common, available in a variety of colors and textures and flame retardant grades (UL94-V0), good impact resistance
  • PC – good impact resistance and resistance to high temperatures
  • HDPE – impact, chemical and cold temperature resistant; cost effective
  • TPO – durable and impact resistant, available in high gloss finish
  • HIPS – low cost, available in a variety of colors & easy to form
  • PVC – available in flame retardant, in a range of colors & textures, rigid and impact resistant


Three types of tooling are commonly used:

a) Machined Aluminum Molds

Machined aluminum molds are usually done on CNC machines from generated CAD files and can be either male or female. Typically built for shallow parts with small draw ratios they hold very close tolerances and can be mounted on temperature control bases and used with or without plug assist molds.

b) Cast Aluminum Molds

Cast aluminum molds are cast at a foundry from a pattern machined by Fiber Pad, Inc. from a composite material. The temperature controls are cast into the back and sides of the molds at the foundry. Cast aluminum molds typically are built for parts with large draw ratios and may be male or female and vacuum-form or pressure-form. Features such as texture, loose and pneumatic cores, and inserts are available.

c) Composite/Temporary Molds

For prototyping and short production runs, cost-efficient composite materials are used for mold construction. These molds produce parts that are to be evaluated for fit, form, and function and may be modified to evaluate possible design changes. These molds are for vacuum-forming only and are not temperature controlled. These molds have a limited life.


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