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At Mulan Group, we make the plastic moulds in house to provide you the one-stop service of your order. The most common materials for making the plastic injection molding moulds are Steel P20, NAK80 and H13, which a lifetime of at least 300,000 shots is guaranteed. The plastic mould cost is only one time investment. If your order quantity is higher than the standard lifetime of our molds, we will maintain it freely for you, so you only need to pay for such cost once. For plastic rotational molding mould, we can use aluminum material and steel material, where aluminum mould will give a better surface and tolerance and steel mould will give a lower price.

We will firstly do the Design for Manufacturing analysis of your product. We not only can make the plastic mold tools, but also can provide the design optimization service. We are the toolmaker and working with our in-house engineers, we will guide you through the entire toolmaking process. We will design the most suitable and efficient mold cores, mold cavities, mold gate location, mold parting lines location and sliding blocks proposal for your product, so that both the quality and the price are optimized. Our plastic molding service will make sure your item is to be made into a fully working and final product.

The lead time for producing the plastic injection mould is normally in around 4 to 5 weeks. The lead time for producing the plastic blow molding mould, plastic rotational molding mould or thermoforming mould is normally in around 3 to 4 weeks.

Once the mould has been finished, we will use it to make some samples for you to test the quality. If there is anything we need to change, we will modify it according to your feedback. And once the mold tool has been tested and proven, we will arrange the plastic molding manufacture. We can also do printing, assembly, packing, delivery and even storage service of your product. We can deliver your goods directly to your clients if you need such service. If you need to learn more about these services, please check out our Other Services. We’re here to give you the best service possible and make your sourcing experience as painless as possible.

Automobile Plastic Injection Molding Moulds:

Plastic Injection Molding Moulds with multiple cavities:

Plastic Rotational Molding Mould for Boats:

Plastic Rotational Molding Mould for Children Slide:

Plastic Rotational Molding Mould for Ladder:

Plastic Rotational Molding Mould for Panels:

Plastic Rotational Molding Mould for Customized Products:

Plastic Vacuum Forming / Thermoforming Mould:

Plastic Blow Molding Mould:

Post time: Oct-30-2018