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How is the injection mold made? Some customers customize injection molds for the first time, and feel that they have nowhere to start. Today, the mold injection molding processing factory will answer for you, hoping to help you understand the injection mold manufacturing process. The manufacturing process of injection molds is the same as other mechanical products. It is made of raw materials after a series of processing and then assembled. The manufacturing process of injection molds mainly includes: preparation of technical data, preparation of raw materials, parts processing, assembly and debugging, etc. several steps. 1. Preparation of technical data. To produce a set of injection molds, a lot of technical preparations need to be done, such as: drawings, process technical documents, materials and working hours, mold costs and other very detailed preparations.

2. Preparation of raw materials. There are many types of raw materials required for injection molds, with different specifications and models. According to the actual needs of the injection mold, various blanks and various key parts should be prepared, such as guide pillars, guide sleeves, ejector pins, push plates, backing plates, etc., all of which need to be prepared. 3. Parts processing, parts processing is the most critical but time-consuming process of injection molds, and its precision directly leads to the quality of injection molds.

Mainly include: mechanical processing, special processing, such as: EDM, electroforming, CNC milling, etc. Surface finishing, surface finishing is one of the important indicators of the appearance of plastic parts, mainly including: grinding and polishing, extrusion grinding and polishing, electrochemical polishing, ultrasonic polishing, shot blasting, etc., and manual grinding and polishing is also used in special cases. Heat treatment, because the injection mold needs to produce tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of plastic parts, and the work requires wear resistance and pressure resistance, so heat treatment should be carried out according to the specifications.

4. Assembling and debugging. After the processing of each part is completed, assemble and assemble, adjust the sliding tightness of the moving parts, and assemble according to the requirements of the drawing. After passing the mold, the manufacturing of this set of abrasive tools is completed. The above is the manufacturing process of injection molds brought to you by injection mold processing manufacturers, hoping to help you.

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