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Mulan-mfg Manufacturing Group is a manufacturer of customized plastic molding products from China with 18 years of experience in the production of customized plastic molds and supplies to more than 100 countries around the world.We are located in Shanghai, China.Convenient transportation and top plastic engineers to provide help for your products.Process type: plastic mold manufacturing, customized injection product production, customized rolling plastic product production, customized blister product production, customized blow molding product production, we have 3 production factory — food plastic parts factory, industrial plastic parts factory, automotive precision plastic parts factory.

All international buyers are welcome to visit our factory.

Mulan has strong manufacturing capabilities, and Mulan focuses on produce items according to client’s designs and combined multipul manufacturing methods to make the production.

Low Cost + High Quality + On Time Delivery + Your Satisfaction = Our Real Products.

http://www.china-plasticparts.com/products/ What is Injection Moulding?