What are the factors that the manufacturer will analyze for you that affect the processing of precision injection molded parts?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The processing of precision injection molded parts depends on the processing accuracy of the injection mold, the parameters of the injection molding process, the selection of raw materials, the selection of machines, and the packaging of the product. If there is a leak in each link, the quality of the product will be a big problem. The following injection mold processing factory will take you to understand what are the quality factors of precision injection mold processing molded parts? 1. The performance of injection molding machine The quality requirements of precision injection mold processing molding parts are based on the precision and sensitivity of the molding machine. The performance of new machines and old machines, hydraulic presses and electric motors, domestic machines and imported machines is very different. big. Frequent alarms, failures, and maintenance of poorly used machines will bring great fluctuations to the stability of the process, so if the production accuracy is not so high, you can choose an ordinary brand molding machine; and produce high-precision plastic parts Machines with good performance must be used for processing in order to ensure quality and production efficiency.

2. The selection of raw materials is due to the different physical and mechanical properties and process properties of each material and the different ratios of additives used during processing. In production and processing, it is necessary to have a full understanding of the molding process performance of each material in order to control the quality of precision injection molded parts. 3. In the process of mold testing, the processing of precision injection molds should promptly formulate maintenance plans for the existing problems of the mold and the places where hidden dangers may occur (structural rationality, manufacturing accuracy, selection of steel, and cycle time of plastic parts). Mold, to avoid the difficulty of repairing the mold during later production.

4. Processing conditions of injection molding The five elements of injection molding include pressure, speed, position, time, and temperature. Tuning machine is to complement each other among these five factors. Only products that reach the appropriate value can be qualified. It is a careful and cumbersome process. Many defects of plastic parts are also caused by unreasonable condition setting.

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