What is the center of gravity of the runner in the design of injection mold


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The center of gravity of the flow channel in the design of the injection mold 1. The glue inlet should be set at the thick part of the product to ensure smooth and complete filling of the mold; 2. Try to set it at a place that does not affect the appearance and function of the product, and can be at the edge or bottom; 3. 1. In the cold material hole near the gate, pull rods are often installed at the end to facilitate the demoulding of the runner; 4. For large or flat products, it is recommended to use multi-point pouring to prevent product warping and deformation and material shortage; 5. , Its position should be selected to make the plastic mold filling process short, so as to reduce pressure loss and facilitate mold exhaust; 6, Avoid opening gates near the slender core, so as to prevent the material flow from directly impacting the core, resulting in deformation, dislocation or bending ;7. The size of the gate is determined by the size, geometry, structure and type of plastic of the product. You can take the small size first and then correct it according to the mold test situation; 8. You can judge whether the product is caused by the position of the gate through mold flow analysis or experience. Whether the joint line affects the appearance and function of the product can be solved by adding a cold material cavity; 9. When a mold has multiple cavities, the same product adopts a symmetrical pouring method. When different products are molded in the same mold, the product is given priority Place it close to the main channel. The above is the relevant content compiled by the injection mold processing manufacturers for you. If you want to know more information about injection mold processing, please pay more attention to our company's official website! .

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