Why is the price of injection molds higher?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The following injection mold processing manufacturers will analyze the reasons for the high price of injection molds: 1. There are many manufacturing processes for injection molds, the purchase cost of standard parts is high, and the process is complicated. In order to ensure the quality of plastic molds, injection mold manufacturers also need to go through a lot of tests under complex process conditions. 2. The number of molds to be manufactured shall be determined according to the samples.

Sometimes it looks like a plastic part with a very simple structure. Instead, two sets of injection molds, or even three sets of injection molds are required to complete the processing. Afterwards, the price of the injection mold was even as high as 100,000 yuan. It was this high contrast that had a great psychological impact on customers.

3. Injection mold manufacturing takes a long time. In order to achieve high precision, some plastic mold manufacturers have done a good job in molds, and designated special personnel to follow up, and strive to achieve customer satisfaction. Therefore, more time is required and the investment will increase accordingly.

4. The manufacture of injection molds is very difficult, and the design requirements for injection molds are also very high. It is mainly to accurately design the mold runner, such as the early mold flow analysis. If the design work is not done well and in place, when the subsequent mold testing and proofing are unsuccessful, it is difficult to modify the mold, and most molds need to be remanufactured.

The above is the relevant information about why the price of injection molds is higher brought by injection mold processing manufacturers, I hope it can help you.

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