Advantages and classification of customized hollow products for popular plastic molds in mold injection molding factory


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Mold sliding injection molding is mainly used for the manufacture of hollow products. It is to divide the hollow product into two semi-finished products, slide the two parts of the semi-finished product and the injection mold to the position, and close the mold twice. The two parts of the product are combined and sewed again. After injecting plastic melt, a complete hollow product is obtained. This plastic mold custom hollow product has the following two advantages, let Mulan Precision, an injection mold processing manufacturer, give you a popular science. 1. The advantages of hollow products with complex shapes made of plastic molds: 1. It is not necessary to take out the semi-finished product from the mold, so it can avoid the problem of the product shape accuracy reduction caused by the cooling of the semi-finished product outside the mold, and it can also avoid secondary welding. The problem of the reduction of welding strength caused by the local stress generated by the method.

2. It has the advantages of good surface accuracy, high dimensional accuracy, uniform wall thickness, and large design freedom. 2. Due to the types and processing methods of plastics, the types and structures of molds are also varied, which can generally be divided into plastic molds and non-plastic molds. (1) Non-plastic molds include: casting molds, forging molds, stamping molds, die-casting molds, etc.

A. Casting mold - faucet, pig iron platform B. Forging mold - body C. Stamping mold - computer panel D. Die casting mold - super alloy, cylinder block (2) Plastic molds can be divided into: A according to different production processes and products , Molding mold - TV shell, keyboard button (widely used) B, Blow molding mold - beverage bottle C, compression molding - bakelite switch, scientific porcelain bowl and plate D, transfer molding mold - integrated circuit product E, extrusion molding Mold - rubber hose, plastic bag F, thermoforming mold - transparent molding packaging shell G, rotational molding mold - soft plastic doll toys The above is some popular science of mold injection molding manufacturer Mulan Precision on this issue, if you have other questions or want to know For more information about injection mold processing, please pay more attention to our official website! .

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