Advantages and work content of CNC vertical lathe


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The advantages and work content of CNC vertical lathe, CNC vertical lathe is widely used. For the processing of auto parts, especially the processing of automobile brake drums, not only the effect is high, but also the processing accuracy is more accurate. CNC vertical lathe can complete brake drum finish turning, rough turning, bottom hooking, grooving, chamfering and other processes at one time. CNC vertical lathe is a kind of automatic CNC machining machine tool, which is used to process inner and outer cylinders, cone surfaces, end faces, grooves and chamfers of parts.

What is the main advantage of vertical lathe compared with other lathes? In addition, how to speed up the parking speed of this kind of lathe? Compared with other lathes, the main advantage of CNC vertical lathe is that it can process super large workpieces or parts. Moreover, from the current point of view, the size that can be processed has reached 25 meters in China. But if you want to speed up the parking speed of the vertical car, you only need to install a rheostat on it to achieve it.

CNC vertical lathe belongs to vertical equipment, and this is also very certain, no doubt. In addition, in the vertical equipment, in addition to the vertical lathe, there are many other equipment, such as vertical milling machines, vertical boring machines, and vertical honing machines, etc., and they are all relatively common equipment. In addition, what we need to know is that the main feature of vertical equipment is that its main axis or main track is vertical.

What does the vertical lathe worker of CNC vertical lathe refer to? What are its tasks? The vertical lathe operator refers to the operator who operates the vertical lathe. The specific work content is to complete the processing links and production tasks assigned in the product or process on time, and process the workpiece in strict accordance with the process drawings and documents. In addition, the daily maintenance work of the vertical lathe should be carried out to ensure the service life of the equipment.

For other work tasks, they must be completed on time and cannot be sloppy.

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