Advantages of hot runner in two-color mold manufacturing


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Many injection molding factories know that the cost of hot runner molds suitable for two-color mold manufacturing is very high. Thermal flow is expensive, though, but does have its worth. Do you understand the benefits of hot runners? The following editor from Shanghai Plastic Mold Factory Xingye will introduce the advantages of hot runners in the manufacture of two-color molds: 1. The mold is more expensive, but according to the design, not the flow restriction, it provides more Thin, more economical form factor.

2. Place jobs in multiple positions to make the design more flexible. The long-diameter, multi-cavity hot runner system can effectively shorten the length of the flow field. 3. It is possible that there is no need to clean the runner and sprue and re-grind.

4. Eliminate sprue/flow channel intersections and avoid waiting for sprue setup, thereby reducing cycle time. The hot melt in the cavity helps to improve the quality. There is no obvious temperature rise and pressure loss, and the molded residual stress is small.

People often see plastic products, molding is inseparable from two-color molds, plastic molds cannot be formed without plastic mold steel, so the correct choice of plastic mold steel cannot be ignored. But there are so many types of plastic molds that many manufacturers don't know how to choose. What kind of steel is used for the two-color mold? The following is the introduction of the technicians of Zhongshan Fahrenheit Fushun Special Steel.

There are mainly two-color die steels that are common and economical. 1. S136 steel mold: S136 plastic mold steel, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, glossy, processing and dimensional stability, widely used in cameras, sunglasses, syringes, analysis bottles, food industry machinery parts, etc. 2. P20H type steel: S136 plastic mold steel has relatively uniform hardness, good processing performance, good finishing performance, and good photoetching performance.

In addition, since it is pre-supplied in a hard state, it can be directly used for mold processing without heat treatment, so it is very suitable for making TV boxes, washing machines, refrigerator boxes, buckets, etc. 3. S136H steel mold: S136H is a plastic mold steel with excellent production performance, corrosion resistance, small heat treatment deformation, low maintenance cost, and low production cost. Therefore, it can be used for electronic parts, waste food tools, bowls, etc.

4. 718H steel mold: 718 plastic mold steel mold not only has simple processing technology, but also has excellent mechanical properties, processability and good polishing performance. Especially under special process conditions, pre-solidifying the factory to a hardness of 41~47HRC can reduce the heat treatment process in some projects and improve economic benefits. Therefore, it is suitable for plastic product molds, molding tools, compression brake molds, computer casings, etc. with high surface finish.

5. NAK80 mold steel: NAK80 is a pre-hardened plastic mold steel with luster, processing performance, corrosion resistance, engraving, electric discharge machining and other characteristics. In the process of molten steel purification, vacuum degassing refining does not require heat treatment. Suitable for mirror polishing mould, dustproof, TV filter element, cosmetic shell, wrinkle treatment mould.

Or boards thicker than 2MM. Stamping and embossing. Various scissors. Inlaid blades. Woodworking blades. Thread rolling dies and wear-resistant sliders. . The above are several economical and affordable two-color mold steels. It is worth noting that the two-color molds produced have different uses, and the materials selected also depend on the actual use.

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