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Trend Analysis and Suggestions for Research and Development of Blow Molded Products Technology


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Trend Analysis and Suggestions for Research and Development of Blow Molded Products Technology Due to the unbalanced industrial development, there is still a certain increase in the export demand for hollow plastic blow molding product molding units and production lines. Due to the different needs of the market, the upgrading of various blow molding products has provided opportunities for the hollow plastic molding machine manufacturing industry. Domestic and foreign The different needs of blow molding product manufacturers. However, regardless of the types of blow molding machine equipment, stable and reliable operation is the basic condition, and the high reliability of blow molding machine equipment should still be a link that the entire industry that develops hollow plastic blow molding products in China pays special attention to. In the demand market for hollow plastic blow molding machines in developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States, due to the The blow molding machine equipment put into use in the 1980s and 1990s has entered the renewal period one after another, and this trend has not changed at present. Therefore, these markets require advanced technology, stable and reliable equipment operation, high output, high energy-saving efficiency, and high degree of automation. The demand for intelligent hollow plastic blow molding units and production lines such as high-speed all-electric and electro-hydraulic hybrid drives that can realize unmanned and less-manned operations is more urgent. In terms of the supporting production line of domestic blow molding machine equipment, it is recommended to focus on the improvement High-efficiency plasticizing system, high-performance machine head, highly energy-saving mold clamping system, long-term stability and high-quality molds, high-stability deflashing system and high-quality peripheral auxiliary equipment and other improvements. In some developing countries, there are different market demands for the molding units and production lines of hollow plastic blow molding products. The most important thing is that the equipment should be stable and reliable, with short cycle time for color change and material change, energy saving, simple operation, simple debugging and adjustment. Fast, easy to use, and relatively low equipment prices. After the national economy has entered a new normal state of development, domestic The blow molding industry has also undergone major changes quietly. With the rising labor costs, water and electricity prices, and plastic raw material prices, many new technical requirements have been generated for hollow plastic blow molding units and production lines. The domestic logistics industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and the demand for durable blow-molded product trays will grow rapidly. With the construction and use of some large-scale freezers in various places and the development of cold chain logistics, blow-molded trays against low temperatures , The demand for blow-molded storage boxes and refrigerators will grow rapidly, especially the blow-molded trays that meet the requirements of some production lines will be an important research field for such blow-molded tray products and blow-molded equipment. In the case of incomplete development of pallet leasing transportation and pallet convective transportation in the domestic logistics market, the market for manual unloading blow molding product pallets will have a large market development space, especially for some bulk goods that are free of manual unloading in railway and road transportation. Blow molding pallets will be one of the development priorities in the next few years. In terms of manual unloading blow-molded pallets, there are already a variety of blow-molded pallets that can be used in different physical locations. At the same time, with the promotion of standardized pallets and the vigorous promotion of convective transportation and pallet leasing, the production line of durable standardized blow molding pallets will achieve rapid development, and its related technical research and innovation will likely accelerate the speed and intensity. Large and super large water storage tanks used in traditional agriculture, small life-saving equipment needed for emergency rescue and disaster relief, plastic stretchers, blow molded products plastic containers needed for emergency logistics, etc. The unit has put forward many different requirements. The different needs of these markets will inevitably drive the development of hollow plastics. The technological innovation and technological progress of the blow molding machine are worthy of the attention of manufacturers in the research and development of hollow plastic blow molding machine equipment and manufacturing industries. Proficient in moulds|blow molding products| Started in 1998, trustworthy.

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