Analysis of the reasons for the overall embrittlement of injection molded parts in mold production!


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Today, injection mold processing manufacturers will introduce the reasons for the overall embrittlement of injection molded parts in mold production: 1. Insufficient injection and holding pressure of the injection molding machine; 2. The back pressure is too small and the raw materials are not solid enough; 3. If the back pressure is too large , shear and friction heat will increase; 4. The shooting speed is too slow, insufficient crystallization; 5. The mold temperature is too high, the raw material is overheated, decomposed and deteriorated; 6. The mold temperature is too low, the crystallization is incomplete; 7. Injection and holding time Insufficient; 8. The downtime of the injection molding machine is too long, and the injection cycle is too long; 9. The storage time is too long; 10. The proportion of secondary returns to new materials is too large; 11. The strength, toughness, and viscosity of raw materials are insufficient; 12. Unreasonable or too many additives; 13 The raw material is not completely dry; 14 The internal structure of the product is partially too thick, partially too thin and uneven, and the feeding position is considered unreasonable. 15 Uneven feeding of the mold and insufficient cooling well; 16 The wall thickness of the product is too thin; 17 The temperature of the injection molding machine is unstable; 18 The material tube of the injection molding machine is not cleaned; 19 The ejection is unreasonable, and the plastic stress increases, leading to fracture; 20 Plastic mold Improper cooling circuit arrangement. Shanghai Mulan Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. strives to create a one-stop service platform of "mold design and manufacturing, spare parts supply, maintenance consultation and guidance", providing free technical consultation for customers.

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