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Automobile precision injection molded parts processing manufacturers


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Automobile precision injection molding parts processing manufacturers, choose Mulan precision injection mold factory, metal insert injection molding, automobile precision injection molding manufacturers, the company is located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, about half an hour away from Shenzhen Baoan Airport, with convenient transportation. Our designer team has more than 15 years of experience in designing precision molds for export. In addition to plastic-coated hardware injection molds, we also have rich project experience in laminated molds, two-color molds, plastic overmolding molds, and automatic thread removal molds. It can be customized to produce various injection molding inserts, precision injection molding parts, and automotive precision injection molding parts.

Automobile precision injection molded parts processing manufacturers require high dimensional accuracy and small tolerances. To meet the requirements of precision injection molding, the following conditions need to be met. 1. Injection molds should be made of materials with sufficient rigidity, and the dimensional accuracy and smoothness of the mold cavity and the positional accuracy between the templates should be high.

2. To adopt precision injection molding process. 3. Precise injection molding equipment should be used. 4. To select plastic raw materials suitable for precision plastic injection molding process.

The processing materials used by our company are all high-quality raw materials. The raw materials used are steel imported from Germany, the United States, Sweden and other European countries. Each set of molds has a steel material certificate from the original factory. If you have a new product that needs mold opening and injection molding, please contact Mulan Precision Injection Mold Factory. We will propose a mold opening plan suitable for you according to your project requirements, market planning (time to market, required capacity, batch quantity, etc.), and product structure analysis; in addition, we will also analyze the feasibility of various plans for you , such as two-color molding, overmolding, in-mold injection, etc., tailor-made cost-effective injection molding solutions for you.

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