The benefits that blow molded toys can bring to children


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

First of all, blow molded toys can promote children's active thinking, imagination and other activities, and display them through other activities of the hands or body. Play plastic”When it comes to toys, children must use their brains while stretching out their hands when conceiving, imagining, and assembling with hands that must choose materials in order to achieve their goals. Children will also encounter some difficulties when playing with shellfish. These difficulties require them to overcome them with their own strength and strive to achieve their goals, thus cultivating the quality of overcoming difficulties and striving for strength. Second, help to cultivate parent-child relationship and spirit of cooperation. Some toys require children to use them with their parents. like rc planes”Like any other toy, it has strong hand strength and reflexes, which help children understand life experiences and cooperate with exercises and partners. In the cooperative construction project, the coordination ability of children's hands, eyes and brain is exercised, and the emotional communication between parents and children is promoted. 3. Blow molding toys can arouse children's association activities. Just like the toys in the hospital, the dolls' toys can arouse young children's associations with hospitals and families. Toys with several tools allow young children to develop creative role games. Young children can induce simulated labor such as tree planting, river digging, and construction. Some toys are specially blow-molded products for thinking training, such as various chess games, various intellectual toys, etc., which can improve children's ability of analysis, synthesis, comparison, judgment, reasoning, etc., and cultivate thinking depth, flexibility and agility . 4. Blow molding toys can enhance perceptual knowledge. Blow molding toys have the characteristics of intuitive image. Children can touch, hold, hear, blow and see, which is conducive to the training of various senses. For example, colorful towers, blow molded toys, plush toys, various dolls and toy animals are good for visual training. Octave bear, piano, tambourine and baboons can train listening. Building blocks, plastic panels, and structural models develop spatial awareness. All kinds of puzzle toys, mosaic toys, soft plastic toys, etc. Can exercise the sense of touch; duck carts, trolleys, tricycles, two-wheeled vehicles, etc. It is also conducive to the development of exercise consciousness. Toys not only enrich children's perceptual knowledge while developing sensory and motor abilities, but also help to consolidate the impressions children have acquired in life. When children have not been exposed to real life extensively, they learn about the world through toys. 5. Blow molding toys can mobilize children's enthusiasm for activities. Children's physical and mental development is realized in activities. Children can freely operate, manipulate and use toys, in line with children's psychological hobbies and ability levels. It can meet the needs of their activities and improve their enthusiasm for activities. such as dolls”Toys can induce young children to do a variety of activities. Children of all ages can play games with dolls according to their own life experience, which can vary from simple to complex.

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