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The blow molding factory answers the blow molding process for you Like extrusion and injection molding processes, blow molding products factory The blow molding process is also a common plastic production process, with a very wide range and rich products. blow molding factory During production, the molten thermoplastic raw material extruded from the extruder is usually added to the mold, and then by blowing air into the raw material, the melted raw material expands under the action of the air, sticks to the wall of the mold cavity, and then cools and solidifies Cool to desired product shape. blow molding factory The products produced generally have uniform wall thickness, less waste corners and less weight difference, so it is more suitable for mass production of small blow molding products, and also suitable for producing large-capacity blow molding barrels. blow molding factory There are four basic steps in the forming process: one is to form a tube blank. The second is to blow compressed air into the mold after the mold is closed. The third is cooling and shaping. The fourth is to deflate and open the mold to obtain finished products. blow molding factory There are 6 main factors of process control: parison temperature, mold temperature, cooling time, blowing rate, blowing air pressure and inflation ratio, etc. Collection and compilation of network graphics and texts for learning reference Proficient in molds | Blow molding products factory | Started in 1998, trustworthy.

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