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Blow Mold Manufacturer I am no stranger to intermittent extrusion, but the process method is still particular. Intermittent extrusion blow molding, that is to say, its parison production is discontinuous, is to store the uniformly masticated melt in an intermediate container, and then force the melt to pass through the die by means of the movement of the piston or screw to form a shape Blank, and then mold closing, inflation and cooling to obtain hollow blow molding products. Compared with continuous extrusion blow molding, blow molding mold manufacturers Intermittent extrusion blow molding is suitable for the production of large-scale hollow products, the product quality ranges from several kilograms to hundreds of kilograms, and the plastic is stable to heat. The equipment used for intermittent extrusion blow molding is based on three forms: reciprocating screw device, piston storage cylinder device and storage cylinder die device. 1. Reciprocating screw device: The basic working principle is that the screw in the device is pushed back by the melt at the front end of the screw during the rotation process. When the melt reaches a predetermined amount, the screw stops rotating, and then the screw advances with the help of liquid pressure to make the melt The body passes through the die to form a parison, and then the mold is closed, inflated, cooled and shaped to obtain a blown product. 2. Piston material storage cylinder device: store the melt plasticized by the screw extruder in the material storage cylinder composed of piston and barrel, when the melt reaches a predetermined amount, push the piston to make the melt flow through the die Make parison. The quality of products processed by this method can reach 20kg. 3. Storage cylinder die device: it is the most important part of a large extrusion blow molding machine, which is composed of a die, a storage tank and a parison controller. The melt flows from the extruder into the annular storage cylinder with a core in the middle, and the annular piston rises. When the melt reaches a predetermined amount, the annular piston is lowered by the liquid pressure, so that the melt flows out of the die to form a parison. The role of the parison controller is to change the width of the annular die mouth, so as to obtain parisons with different thicknesses in various parts, so that the wall thickness distribution of blow molded products after inflation, cooling and shaping is relatively uniform. Blow Mold Manufacturer This is generally the case with intermittent extrusion blow molding. hope it helps you. For more industry information, please feel free to pay attention to Ningbo Jingtong Mold Proficient in mold | Blow mold manufacturer |Since 1998, trustworthy.

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