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For the production of high-strength trays, blow mold manufacturers use high-molecular-weight high-density polyethylene raw materials (English abbreviation: HMWHDPE). Why choose this material? High-molecular-weight high-density polyethylene, one of the PE varieties, can be divided into homopolymer and copolymer, and can be produced by slurry method and gas phase method. The polymerization reaction is carried out under low pressure (0.48-3.1MPa), low temperature (80-110°C) and the presence of transition metal catalysts. The catalysts used are Ziegler type or Philips type based on chromium oxide. Most comonomers are α-olefins such as 1-butene and 1-octene. The weight-average relative molecular mass of high-molecular-weight high-density polyethylene raw materials (abbreviated as HMWHDPE) is (2-5)x105, and the density of the copolymer is 0.941-0.965g/cm3, while the density of general HDPE is 0. 941-0.954g/cm3. The density of the copolymer is closely related to the copolymer monomer, and its crystallinity and physical properties are also different from homopolymers. HMWHDPE has excellent environmental stress cracking resistance, impact strength, tensile strength, melt strength, good rigidity, high moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical stability and impact resistance. HMWHDPE can be formed by extrusion and blow molding. In the molding of large-scale industrial blow-molded parts of blow-molding mold manufacturers, it is mainly used to make large-scale hollow containers with a volume of more than 200L, blow-molded plastic trays, large-scale water storage tanks, and oil storage. Cans, large and super large hollow blow molding products, etc. Various domestic petrochemical companies have developed and produced various grades of HMWHDPE. Compared with melt index, density, tensile strength, elongation at break, Izod notch impact, and environmental stress cracking resistance index, the same grades are consistent. Blow mold manufacturers can maintain interoperability in selection. Proficient in moulds|blow mold manufacturers|started in 1998, trustworthy.

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