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Applications of automotive blow molding products include fuel tanks, air ducts, air filter intake pipes, spoilers, overflow tanks, tool boxes, bellows, etc. The basic concept of hollow blow molding is to use compressed air to inflate the semi-molten plastic parison obtained by extrusion or injection molding in a closed mold, and then cool it to obtain a processing method of hollow parts. Plastics suitable for hollow molding are PS, PP, PC, PE, PVC, ABS, etc. The molding process includes the manufacture of plastic parisons and blow molding of the parisons. According to different tube forming methods, it is divided into two categories. 1. Extrusion blow molding: the production method is simple, the output is high, the precision is low, and there are many applications. 2. Injection blow molding: high precision, good quality, high price, suitable for large batch products. Let's take a plastic spoiler as an example to explain Blow molding technology and process. Blow molding plastic spoiler can be processed by two processes: one-time blow molding and injection welding molding. 1. Blow molding: The process efficiency is high, the mold cost is low, and the amount of post-processing is small, so most of the plastic spoilers are currently produced by blow molding. 2. Injection molding welding method: the upper and lower pieces are injection molded first, and then the upper and lower pieces are welded together. Although this method is faster in the injection molding stage, it often needs to open two sets of injection molds, which is expensive. At the same time, the follow-up ultrasonic welding or hot plate welding also requires the cooperation of the mold, so the cost is higher and the overall efficiency is lower. Low, currently rarely used. The basic process of producing blow molding product spoiler by ABS material blow molding method is as follows: The production and molding process of blow molding spoiler (blow molding tail) is as follows: Design considerations for blow molded spoiler (blow molded tail): 1. The design of the tail takes into account the blow molding process requirements. Since the deep grooves in the blow molding process will be stretched and thinned, the process requires that the depth of the groove should be less than 30mm, and the diameter of the groove should be greater than twice the depth. . 2. The shape design should avoid sharp or edge thin-walled structures. The min thickness of the edge must be greater than 3mm, and the fillet must be greater than R3, otherwise it will easily cause problems of delamination or flashing. 3. Design the air outlet to prevent thermal expansion and deformation; the air outlet is designed at a position where water is not easy to enter or at a low point. For more information on blow molding products, please pay attention to contact Proficient Mold.

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