Experience of using bottle-shaped blow mold in blow molding factory


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

blow molding factory All kinds of bottles produced have different shapes and functions, so how can these plastic bottles be made? Among them, all kinds of bottle molds are inseparable. There are many varieties and specifications of bottle-shaped molds, as small as a few milliliters and as large as several liters. The range of products used is very wide, including daily-use chemical products, pharmaceuticals, food and other industrial, civil and military small and micro packaging bottles. . In the classification of blow molds, the shape of the bottle mold cavity and the mold structure are similar, and there are many common characteristics, so it can be clearly distinguished from other blow molds. in blow molding factory , you can see the structure of the bottle blow mold, which can usually be decomposed into the bottle mouth, the middle end of the bottle and the bottom of the bottle. The mouth of the bottle has a threaded shape and a blow hole. Considering the stability of the container, the bottoms are all in concave shape. The blowing method mostly adopts the form of blowing up. Most of the molds are equipped with automatic deburring devices at the mouth and bottom of the bottle, and are equipped with automatic detection devices on the production line. For blow molding factory Generally speaking, some molds with large output, such as shampoo bottle molds, are basically made of high-strength integral mold steel. The cavity surface quality of the mold is high, the cut is narrow, and most of the cooling channels Hole structure. For some large-volume, high-speed molding products, most of the molds adopt the multi-cavity, high-speed blow molding mode. Small bottle-shaped molds are generally small in size and weight, and can be installed manually during installation. However, some molds with automatic deburring devices and multi-cavity molds are relatively heavy in size and weight, and need to be completed with lifting tools. Blow molding factory with many years of experience Naturally, there is a set of experience in use. For example, pay attention to aligning the guide part when installing and debugging the mold, and focus on adjusting the position of the blowing rod or blowing needle so that it will not cause damage to the mold and product waste. The speed adjustment of mold opening and closing should be stable, and there should be no rapid impact, so as to avoid damage to the guide part and the incision part of the mold. Pay attention to the timing (not less than twice per shift) of guide parts, etc., to add suitable grease to reduce their wear and tear. For more introduction of molds for blow molding products, please pay attention to Proficient Molds. Proficient in Mold|Blow Molded Products |Blow molding factory started in 1998, trustworthy.

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