Formula research and development of hollow blow molding products in blow molding products factory


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

In the research and development direction of large and medium-sized hollow blow molding product formulas, blow molding product factories basically have two consensuses. On the one hand, it is more functional, constantly pursuing the improvement of product functions and prolonging the service life; on the other hand, it will pursue a relatively large reduction in raw material costs and operating costs while optimizing product quality, so as to obtain greater benefits. income. Usually, the blow molding product factory will focus on the following points when formulating design: 1) Try to meet the various functions and uses of hollow blow molding products; 2) The plastic raw material formula has good processing performance; 3) Reduce production costs through formula design and improvement. At the same time, due to the continuous expansion of the range of extrusion blow molding products and engineering support, higher technical requirements are put forward for the performance of blow molding products. Such as automobile, car, high-speed rail industry, aviation, aerospace, navigation, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, logistics, pharmaceutical packaging, food and beverage packaging, daily household, agriculture, engineering applications, water surface floating body and many other supporting blow molding products, etc. , have put forward high requirements for many superior properties such as high strength, high stiffness, high precision, long life, and good temperature resistance for plastic blow molding products. Therefore, it is very important for the blow molding factory to modify these blow molding products. Plastic modification methods mainly include physical modification and chemical modification. Chemical modification refers to the modification method of changing the type and combination of atoms or atomic groups on the polymer molecular chain by chemical means. Plastics can be modified through block copolymerization, graft copolymerization, crosslinking reaction, or the introduction of new functional groups. The way to form new specific polymer materials; chemical modification can make products obtain new functions or better physical and chemical properties. In the actual operation of the formulation modification of extrusion blow molding products in the blow molding product factory, the commonly used physical modification technology is more commonly used, while the application of chemical modification technology is less. The physical modification technology of extrusion blow molding products is currently commonly used Methods include: ① filling modification; ② blending modification; ③ reinforcement modification; ④ toughening modification; ⑤ nanocomposite modification; ⑥ functional modification, etc. The pictures and texts come from the Internet and are for learning reference only. For more information, please pay attention to Proficient Mold Proficient in molds | Blow molding products factory |Since 1998, trustworthy.

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