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The main purpose of blow molding products factory in equipment maintenance is to minimize equipment failure and improve equipment utilization. Therefore, certain maintenance or preventive measures need to be taken to minimize or eliminate costly shutdowns and replacement repairs, and thereby improve the quality and production efficiency of blow molded products. For the blow molding factory, a periodic inspection and regular repair and maintenance system should be established and formed, which should specifically include the following 13 items. It can be summed up as follows: daily inspection, personnel training, early warning. 1. Pay attention to prevent the leakage and seepage of plastic, water and oil (hydraulic oil, lubricating oil). 2. Regularly replace the lubricating oil and hydraulic oil in the gear box and the hydraulic system device. Where there are test conditions, the test can be carried out first. If it is unqualified, the qualified oil can be replaced as soon as possible. If the test is qualified, it can continue to be used. 3. Always keep the lubricating oil (grease) of some lubricating parts filled, and clean up the waste oil (grease). 4. Check the normal operation of the electric heater (circle), thermocouple and sensor to keep them in good condition. 5. Check the electrical control circuit, check the hydraulic device pipeline, etc., to keep it working normally. 6. Check the working conditions of the die and mandrel and keep it working normally. 7. Check the parallelism of the template of the mold clamping machine, the stability of operation, check the lubrication between the linear guide rail and the slider, the connection of screws, etc., to maintain the stability of its operation. 8. Regularly check and observe the connection screws and components of the machine head, extruder, gear box and other devices and mechanisms, and do a good job of cleaning. 9. Regularly check and observe the sensitivity of safety protection devices in time to keep them in normal working condition at all times. 10. Do a good job of cleaning the equipment and production site, and keep the equipment and production materials clean. 11. Do a good job in the reserve of spare parts to ensure that vulnerable parts can be replaced in time. 12. The blow molding product factory should organize relevant personnel to hold meetings on a regular basis, repeatedly emphasizing to do things in accordance with the equipment operating procedures, do a good job in fire prevention, and prevent and prevent safety accidents of people, equipment or products. 13. Always pay attention to observation and inspection, pay special attention to abnormal sound, smell and other omens before failure, and shut down equipment and production lines before failure occurs. Experienced blow molding product factories can optimize hardware equipment and quickly improve the quality and production efficiency of blow molding products. You can pay more attention when purchasing or on-site inspection. Good processing equipment is the key guarantee. For more industry information, please pay attention to Ningbo Jingtong Mold Proficient in Mold|Blow Molding Products Factory| Since 1998, it is trustworthy.

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