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Blow molding products factory forming machine


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

In the blow molding product factory, you will see a series of supporting production line systems and equipment. Let's take stock again, the 5 key points of the extrusion hollow blow molding machine. 1. Forming machine head It is an important part of the hollow plastic blow molding machine. The production function of the blow molding product factory is to ensure the effective formation of the plastic parison, and at the same time to make the wall thickness of the product evenly distributed. 2. Program controller Many old blow molding products factory molding machines use imported PLC controllers, and now there are also domestic controllers with good performance as substitutes for intelligent process control, which requires relatively high skills for operators. 3. Hydraulic control system Usually, the servo motor hydraulic system is used, which has energy-saving effect, and some individual energy-saving can reach 40%. In terms of cost reduction and efficiency increase, more selection updates can be made. 4. Plasticizing system The blow molding product factory focuses on the high-efficiency and energy-saving extruder plasticizing system, and some equipment factories are deeply developing and widely applying various new materials. 5. Wall thickness control system The blow molding factory that uses servo motor drive to adjust and control the wall thickness of the parison and has accumulated rich practical experience in processing technology is more competitive. The pictures and texts are for learning reference only. For more information, please pay attention to Proficiency Proficient in Blow Molding| Blow molding products factory | Hollow blow molding products customization.

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