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A blow molding product processing plant that produces high-strength blow molding trays , It is necessary to understand and understand the characteristics of this product, so that the characteristics and advantages of this type of blow molding products can be better utilized in production and use. High-strength blow-molded trays have been produced in China since 1987, and it has been more than 30 years. Blow-molded plastic trays are made of high-molecular-weight high-density polyethylene (HMWHDPE) as a raw material, and are integrally blown into one-time plastic trays on the production line of large and ultra-large hollow molding machines. Compared with plastic trays formed by other methods, blow-molded plastic trays have the characteristics of large bearing capacity, strong impact resistance, better performance under the temperature environment of -40°C-45°C, and longer service life. Blow molding products processing plant Types of blow molded plastic trays, 6 commonly used. 1. Double-sided use of stacking blow molding pallets. Both sides of the pallet can be used as bearing surfaces. The fork entry direction has two-way entry and four-way entry. It is suitable for the operation of motor forklifts. It is easy to use and has a wide range of applications. 2. Unloading-free blow molding pallets are used for stacking and storage of various bag packaging materials and unloading-free loading of products when they leave the warehouse, reducing logistics labor costs. 3. Single-sided shelf blow molding pallets are suitable for operation by motor forklifts and manual forklifts. They have a four-way fork entry function and can be built with steel pipes. The surface and bottom of the pallet can be molded with soft materials and have anti-slip function. 4. Single-sided nine-foot blow molding tray It can enter the fork from four directions, carry goods on one side, and use it on one side. It is suitable for manual and motorized forklift operation. 5. Blow-molded pallet box The shape is similar to that of injection-molded pallet box, and it is used for storage and logistics transportation of electromechanical parts. 6. Blow molding pallets for chemical spills Applied in chemical production, storage, logistics, etc., it can minimize chemical leakage. Blow molding products processing plant When processing blow-molded trays, there are still more details. Please continue to pay attention to the next part. Proficient in molds | Blow molding products processing factory |Since 1998, trustworthy.

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