Briefly introduce the design principle and use standard of the rectangular groove mold!


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Rectangular groove mold and U-shaped groove mold are both water groove molds. This mold product plays an important role in our life. In general, this kind of rectangular groove mold requires more in terms of material selection. Strict, especially in the manufacturing process, different manufacturers follow the same design principles, but some standards are not exactly the same, the following introduces the design principles and use standards of the rectangular groove mold produced by the mold injection processing factory . 1. Design principle Rectangular groove molds are generally made into U-shaped for use. After all, their manufacturing techniques are very large. In order to be more convenient to operate, it is necessary to make some improvements to the steel plate when using it. The rectangular slot mold can be better operated and used. The welding problem will be considered in the design, we need to carry out seamless welding, and then use the rectangular slot mold, so that the operation is relatively smooth, and the design is made according to different situations.

It is enough to meet the principle of easy drainage. 2. Use standard The standards of the rectangular groove mold used by each customer are different. Generally, the requirements for this mold are relatively strict. We need to increase our efforts for production. Generally, the drainage groove molds produced must conform to the inner circle. The state of the foreign party, and it needs to be operated in a prefabricated way when using it, so that the products produced in this way are more in line with the needs of the market.

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