Causes of Heat Error in Numerical Control Vertical Lathe Turning


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

CNC vertical lathe, also known as CNC vertical lathe, occasionally has some problems when it is used for a long time in turning processing, such as inaccurate precision, called knife during tool processing, inaccurate hydraulic turret tool clamping and other small problems, but vertical Thermal errors in CNC lathe turning will also occur. The reason for the thermal error of turning machining is that the geometric error of the CNC vertical lathe machine tool comes from the manufacturing defects of the machine tool, the coordination error between the machine tool parts, the dynamic and static displacement of the machine tool parts, etc. When the machine tool error changes, the compensation amount must be remade. , Calibration ruler or readjust the compensation mechanism. Hardware compensation has the disadvantages of being unable to solve random errors and lacking flexibility.

Machine tool thermal errors are mainly caused by thermal deformation of machine tool components caused by internal and external heat sources such as motors, bearings, transmission parts, hydraulic systems, ambient temperature, and coolant. The research on machining error of CNC vertical lathe is an important part and development direction of modern machinery manufacturing, and has become a key technology to improve competitiveness. skills requirement. The error compensation technology can meet the high precision and low cost of the actual production requirements of the factory. The thermal error compensation technology can correct the thermal drift error between the spindle (or workpiece) and the cutting tool, improve the machining accuracy of the machine tool, reduce waste products, increase production efficiency and economy benefit.

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