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cnc numerical control processing function


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

1. Coordinate axis control It can simultaneously control 3, 4 and 5 coordinate axes simultaneously. Can achieve higher cutting speed and processing quality. 2. Tool offset compensation Modern CNC systems often have tool radius compensation functions for straight lines in three-dimensional space.

3. CNC programming function The system provides certain programming functions. Usually, the color graphics display terminal of the system can be used to manually program the processing program of the plane contour parts composed of straight lines and arcs. The system is equipped with software to automatically calculate the intersection and tangent points of the contour. 4. The parallel operation system can realize two working modes in parallel: machine tool controlled mode and programming mode.

When the machine tool is processing a certain part under the control of the system, the operator can use the keyboard to complete the above-mentioned manual programming work at the same time, or input an external program through the data transmission interface or edit and modify the existing program. When the machine tool is being processed, the graphics display terminal can simultaneously simulate the execution of another processing program for inspection and editing. 5. Tool management and monitoring Modern CNC machine tools are developing towards machining centers.

Usually milling and boring machine tools have tool magazines with dozens of tools, and turning centers often have tool magazines. The CNC system has the function of controlling and managing the tool magazine. The tool change on the processing machine tool is automatically changed by the CNC system controlling the tool change mechanism according to the program.

6. High and low speed feed control The feed speed control performance of the system to the moving parts of the machine tool is an important performance index of the CNC system. Modern CNC systems can control the cutting motion of machine tools at relatively high feed rates over a short distance. This is very beneficial to curved surface processing, which can greatly shorten the processing time, especially for the processing of the transition zone with large curvature changes, and still obtain good processing quality.

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