Composition of inclined top mechanism of plastic injection mold


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

In the previous article, we introduced what is the inclined roof mechanism and the advantages and disadvantages of using the inclined roof mechanism for plastic injection molds. Next, we will continue to introduce the components of the inclined roof mechanism for plastic injection molds. 1) Inclined head: Its main function is for forming. The bottom of the undercut is usually made into a straight body, which is convenient for processing and mold matching. The other three sides will be tilted to facilitate the sealing.

The inclined top surface is generally lower than the glue level, which can be reduced by 0.05~0.1mm, which prevents the shoveling phenomenon of the inclined top surface when it is ejected. 2) Inclined ejector rod: It is mainly used as a connection between the inclined ejector seat and the inclined ejector head. When inclined, it needs to bear the ejection force. 3) Guide block: In the process of plastic injection mold processing, the movable template is treated with air avoidance (reducing friction) to reduce distortion and deformation, and adding guide rail blocks is convenient for positioning and precision adjustment.

4) Guide sleeve: There will be two guide sleeves in the combined lifter as a lubrication guide, and the lifter rod will wear after a long period of movement. Adding guide sleeves reduces the wear of the lifter rod; it is more convenient to use when the accuracy is problematic. Repair and replace. 5) Inclined top seat: The guiding methods of the integral inclined top seat generally include "T"-shaped guide and pin-top type guide. We mostly use pin-type guides, which are easy to process and easy to install. The price of the "T" shape guide is slightly higher, and it needs to be equipped with a T-shaped base separately, and the processing and matching are more complicated than the pin.

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