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Stamping precision cnc processing actually refers to numerical control processing. After programming the drawings that need to be processed into the program, the computer is connected to the cnc processing machine tool, and the cnc processing machine tool is instructed to operate through programming to complete the precision parts processing. Fine cnc processing is mainly suitable for small batch, large batch and multi-variety spare parts processing. The precision of cnc processed parts is very high, so it serves the fine parts processing of different industries. The following editor will introduce to you the process flow of fine cnc processing.

First of all, before machining CNC parts, it is necessary to clearly see the process flow, clearly know the parts, shapes, drawings and dimensions of the workpiece to be processed, and know the processing content of the next process. Before clamping the processed raw materials, measure whether the size of the blank meets the requirements of the drawing. It is necessary to carefully check whether its placement is consistent with the programmed instructions. After the rough machining of the processing technology is completed, self-inspection should be carried out in time, so that the data with errors can be adjusted in time.

The content of the self-inspection is mainly the orientation and scale of the processing part. 1. Whether there is any looseness during the processing of mechanical parts; 2. Whether the processing technology of the parts is correct; 3. Whether the scale from the CNC part processing part to the reference edge (reference point) meets the requirements of the drawing; 4. The distance between the CNC processing parts azimuth scale. After checking the azimuth scale, measure the rough shape ruler (except the arc).

After the parts are approved by rough machining, they are finished. Carry out self-inspection on the shape and size of the drawing parts before finishing: check the basic length and width of the processing parts on the vertical surface; measure the base point size marked on the drawing for the processing parts on the inclined surface. After completing the self-inspection of the parts and confirming that they meet the drawings and process requirements, the workpiece can be removed and sent to the inspector for special inspection.

When encountering fine cnc parts processing and small batch processing, it is necessary to process the batch after the first part is approved. The above content is an introduction to the process flow of fine cnc processing. CNC machining center machine tools have high precision and have unique advantages for high precision, complex, and small batch parts processing; fine grinding machines are one of the fine processing equipment, mainly fine Processing, mainly processing of quenched parts; CNC lathe is also an automatic processing equipment, generally processing shafts, rods, and round parts, it has advantages for special precision requirements or small batch parts processing.

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