Do you know the relationship between the raw materials of injection molding and the processing time?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

All employees of Shanghai injection molding workshop should raise their awareness of raw material conservation, increase the management and control of raw materials, improve the work quality and sense of responsibility of each employee, reduce the waste of raw materials in all aspects of injection molding production, and create more profits for the enterprise. The shorter the injection molding cycle, the better the product quality. The shorter the injection cycle, the higher the production volume and the lower the manufacturing cost per unit product.

Injection cycle times include injection time, compression time, cooling time (melt time), opening time, ejection time (including dwell time), opening time, feeding time, closing time, closing time, etc. table forward/backward time and spray demoulding time). The main methods to shorten the injection molding cycle are: reduce plastic wall thickness/runner size (reduce cooling time), reduce switch mold distance/ejector stroke, fast product removal, robot operation, increase safety door switch speed, reduce plastic adhesion, Proper selection of cooling time, setting of opening/clamping speed etc. Assume that the standard injection cycle of an injection molding plant machine is 24 seconds.

If the actual injection cycle is extended to 30 seconds, a lot of expenses can be compensated for a month. The more machines in the mold injection factory, the more compensation.

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