Does it affect the speed of the spindle of the large cnc machining center if it runs too fast?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Does it affect the speed of the spindle of the large-scale CNC machining center? Since the development of the large-scale CNC machining center, the total output value has gradually increased, and the domestic machine tool industry has also become increasingly prosperous. The appearance design of most machining centers on the market, the slicing conveyor can be adjusted to the back of the production line, suitable for customizing the arrangement of the production line, is also one of the reasons why customers love it. The machine adopts a high-torque motor. The output of the motor can fully reflect the characteristics of the main shaft. The indexing plate has high efficiency and high precision. It includes 8 oil circuit joints, one air pressure confirmation, high mobility, and can be used with hydraulic jigs.

The main shaft of the large-scale CNC machining center is a vertical machining center, the structure is a fixed column, the workbench is rectangular, and has no indexing and rotating function. It is suitable for processing discs, sleeves, and plate parts. It has three linear motion coordinate axes, and it can be installed The helical part is machined on the table on a turntable that rotates along a horizontal axis. The replacement of the machine tool adopts pneumatic method, which is convenient and convenient. The machine adopts automatic lubrication method to ensure the good operation of all parts of the machine tool.

The structure of the machine tool adopts the form of horizontal carriage, and the layout is reasonable. The three-axis feed adopts precision ball screw and servo motor to connect and drive to improve the transmission accuracy. The X and Y-axis guide rails of the machine adopt precision tumbling linear guide rails, which are highly sensitive to feed; the Z-axis uses rectangular hardened cast iron-plastic sliding guide rail pairs, which have excellent vibration absorption; the machine control system adopts AC servo system, which is suitable for processing complex parts , especially the processing of complex molds.

The spindle of the machine tool adopts the servo spindle motor, and the spindle box is equipped with counterweight equipment to ensure the smooth operation of the Z axis. As we all know, the spindle speed of large cnc machining centers is generally high, but with the continuous increase of the spindle speed, especially to achieve fast, various random oscillations, the resulting instability of the rotating shaft, when it exceeds the fatigue resistance of the spindle The strength will eventually lead to a reversible increase in the rotation error of the spindle, which will eventually affect the machining accuracy of the machine tool. Therefore, the selection of the spindle speed is very important.

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