Basic situation of extrusion hollow blow molding equipment industry


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Basic situation of extrusion hollow blow molding equipment industry Hollow blow molding machine is generally referred to as hollow blow molding machine, also known as hollow machine and blow molding machine. It is one of the three important equipments in the plastic processing industry. The extrusion hollow blow molding product forming machine is mainly composed of: machine head, extrusion plasticizing device (extruder), frame, clamping machine, inflation device, hydraulic system, servo hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electrical control system, And molds, peripheral auxiliary equipment and other intelligent equipment. Extrusion hollow blow molding product molding machine has developed from a single unit in the past to an intelligent production line for hollow blow molding machines. And in recent years, the speed of development in this area is getting faster and faster. This kind of hollow The intelligent production line of blow molding products mainly includes: hollow blow molding product molding machine, automatic feeding machine, automatic mixing machine, automatic post-cooling and deburring equipment, (Robot de-flashing system) Fully automatic labeling machine, flash conveying equipment, flash crusher, weighing equipment, airtight testing equipment, finished product packaging equipment and finished product conveying equipment, etc. constitute intelligent automatic blow molding Product production lines, the advent and continuous development of these hollow blow molding intelligent production lines have greatly reduced the number of operators on the production site, and at the same time greatly reduced the labor intensity of the operators on the production site, while greatly improving production efficiency and Product quality, in the production of some bulk blow molding products, it is expected that more professional blow molding intelligent production lines will appear in the future. The continuous progress and development of these blow molding intelligent production lines will bring many The industrialized concentration and large-scale production of blow molding products, the progress and development of this technology, hope to lead to blow molding products Equipment manufacturers and blow molding product manufacturers have paid great attention and attention, and have achieved more technological breakthroughs and innovative developments in many related technical fields of blow molding machine intelligent production lines, especially in some key core technologies of blow molding machines. The technological progress and innovation of the core related technologies of the blow molding intelligent production line will be the key to the life and death of the blow molding production line manufacturers. At the same time, due to the hollow Due to the inherent characteristics of blow molding products and the rising cost of logistics and transportation, the transportation distance of finished products should not be too large. Therefore, a moderate-scale blow molding factory for hollow products is the main development direction in the future. This main feature is also worthy of research and development of hollow blow molding machines. Special emphasis on manufacturing companies. At the same time, the R&D and development speed of the intelligent production line of conventional extrusion hollow blow molding products has been significantly accelerated, and the stability and energy-saving performance of the equipment have been further strengthened. The energy-saving effect of the all-electric hollow blow molding machine production line is obvious and the performance is more stable. It is worth noting that the high-end equipment of the hollow blow molding intelligent production line developed by my country is basically sold abroad. Domestic customers only use some joint venture hollow blow molding products companies, and most blow molding products companies still use mid-end equipment. Or low-end blow molding machine equipment. During the period when the wages of operators in blow molding products companies generally rise, the advanced nature and reliability of blow molding equipment are a reliable guarantee for reducing production costs. However, due to insufficient investment in many domestic blow molding products companies It is difficult to choose more high-end blow molding machine equipment, which is a lot of domestic The status quo of blow molding products enterprises deserves the attention and attention of the entire blow molding products industry. Proficient in moulds|blow molding products|started in 1998, trustworthy.

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