Introduction of Plastic Parison Control System for Extrusion Hollow Blow Molding Products Equipment


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Introduction of Plastic Parison Control System for Extrusion Hollow Blow Molding Products Equipment The plastic parison control system of extrusion hollow blow molding product equipment mainly includes axial parison control system and radial parison control system. Domestic hollow plastic blow molding product forming machines have generally adopted axial parison control system, radial parison control system The parison control system is less used, and some hollow plastics in China have been used for many years Blow molding machine R&D and manufacturing advantage companies have invested a lot of manpower and financial resources in the research and testing of related technologies, and have achieved major technological breakthroughs. The new technology breakthrough of the domestic radial parison control system has been achieved. Very gratifying progress, and these technologies have been applied to hollow blow molding equipment, and new market competitiveness has begun to form. There are mainly 3 control modes in the radial parison control system, they include: ① Flexible curved ring radial parison control system (also known as elastic ring radial parison control system). ② Edge repair type radial parison control system. ③ Drift die radial parison control system. In the past, the main technology of the radial parison control system with flexible curved ring was mastered by some manufacturers in Germany, and the market price was relatively high. In recent years, domestic enterprises have carried out in-depth research and tests on flexible ring dies and flexible ring mandrels, from the materials that make up the flexible ring, computer design, computer simulation test, heat treatment of the flexible ring, precision machining, installation test, etc. A lot of work has preliminarily formed a series of flexible ring mold and core mold blank control system suitable for China. Compared with similar products in Germany, it has lower manufacturing cost, convenient operation and maintenance, and has high control accuracy and durability. High precision, wide range of application models and so on. The radial parison control system of edge repair type has been successfully developed by domestic enterprises. After years of use, the technology has basically matured. The main technology of the radial parison control system of the drifting die is mastered by the relevant German manufacturers, and it is mainly used in some blow molding units for the production of plastic air ducts for automobiles. Unique control advantage. This domestic technology is expected to achieve a breakthrough, and some key components are still in the test. This technology may realize the precise control of the radial wall thickness in the blow molding production of automobile plastic air ducts, and will enable the domestic hollow plastic blow molding products to be formed The parison control technology of the machine has reached a new level. Hydraulic servo valves used for axial and radial parison control have many research institutes in China, and manufacturers can develop and produce them. For the servo valve controller used for multi-point parison control, domestic manufacturers have successfully developed a 30-point plastic parison controller, and other controllers with more points have not achieved more breakthroughs in technology research and development. At present, most extrusion Hollow plastic blow molding machine manufacturers generally use MOOG controllers and related supporting products. Proficient in moulds|blow molding products|started in 1998, trustworthy.

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