Key supporting technology of extrusion hollow blow molding product line


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Key supporting technology of extrusion hollow blow molding product line In addition to the plastic parison control system introduced above, we continue to introduce the key supporting technologies of the extrusion hollow plastic blow molding product line. 1. Electric parison wall thickness control system The servo motor is used to adjust and control the wall thickness of the parison. So far, this product still needs to be applied more widely, and further application tests and observations in blow molding products are required. 2. PLC program controller At present, the hollow plastic blow molding products molding machine generally adopts PLC program controllers made in Japan and Germany. The research and development of domestic related controllers is relatively lagging behind. So far, there is no suitable domestic PLC program controller for blow molding machines, which is worthy of attention. Relevant controller R&D manufacturers attach great importance to it. The controllers used in injection molding machines in 2014-2015 have been localized. With the development of hollow blow molding machines, the localized PLC program controllers suitable for extrusion hollow blow molding machines may be obtained in the next few years. Technological breakthroughs and developments. 3. Servo motor hydraulic control system At present, many hollow plastic blow molding machines have been researched and developed, and manufacturers have promoted the use of servo motor hydraulic systems on small and medium-sized extrusion blow molding machines. The energy saving effect is obvious, and the single energy saving can reach about 40%. In 2014-2015, the application models of blow molding machines were further expanded, and good application results have been achieved. With the further maturity of this technology and the increase of models, more applications will be obtained. 4. Efficient and energy-saving extruder plasticizing system High-efficiency and energy-saving extruder plasticizing system has always been the main component of the hollow plastic blow molding machine, which plays a very key role in improving the production capacity and work efficiency of the blow molding machine. One of the key points of technology research and development. In recent years, with the wide application of different varieties of HMWHDPE materials, the extruder plasticizing system that can smoothly process these materials has become an important direction of blow molding machine technology progress. 5. Multi-layer blow molding machine head The multi-layer blow molding head is one of the important parts of the hollow plastic blow molding machine, which plays a key role in the effective formation of the plastic parison and the uniform distribution of the wall thickness of the blow molding product. Proficient in Mold|Blow Molded Products | Started in 1998, trustworthy.

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