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Hollow blow molding manufacturers are quite different in the structural design of large industrial blow molding parts and small and medium blow molding products. Each large-scale industrial blow molded part has completely different technical requirements and use requirements, and structural design is required to meet the various functional requirements of the product. The most reflected in the structural design is the wall thickness of the blow molded product, the demoulding slope, the shape and quantity of the reinforcing rib, the reinforcing column, the shape of the thread, the local thickening, the combination of carbon inserts, the strengthening of the assembly part, and the benefit of blow molding. molding etc. The shrinkage rate of assembled blow molded products is different from that of other blow molded products. The assembled blow molded products need to be assembled between products or assembled with other industrial components. The setting of shrinkage rate in each direction of plastic products will be different. From years of research and actual measurement by hollow blow molding manufacturers, it can be seen that the shrinkage rate in the height direction of blow molded products is larger than that in the width and thickness directions. The shrinkage rate in the height direction is between 2% and 3.5%, the shrinkage rate in the width direction is between 1% and 3%, and the shrinkage rate in the thickness direction is also between 1% and 3%. The specific value of the shrinkage rate in each direction needs to be set according to the mold cooling water temperature of the hollow blow molding manufacturer, the shape of the product, the cooling speed of the mold, the molding process parameters, the performance of the plastic raw material, and the molding cycle of the blow molding machine. Consider it comprehensively. The main purpose is to ensure that the installation dimensions of the blow molding products meet the relevant technical requirements for the installation of industrial parts. Especially for blow-molded products used on water for assembly, since the products need to be connected and assembled after molding, the selection and setting of the shrinkage rate in the height and width directions of the products need to be carefully determined to ensure that the height and width directions are in the blow molding direction. The consistency of the rear dimensions facilitates quick assembly. Another point is that hollow blow molding manufacturers usually reserve room for improvement in the design of the mold to facilitate appropriate mold modification after mold testing. For more industry information, please feel free to pay attention to Ningbo Jingtong Mold Proficient in moulds|Hollow blow molding manufacturers|Started in 1998, trustworthy.

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