How long does it take to open the mold injection molding cycle?


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The mold opening cycle of mold injection molding should be considered from many aspects, mainly from the aspects of product design structure, size, requirements, number of holes and product performance. Today, the injection mold processing manufacturer will introduce to you how long the mold injection opening cycle takes! 1. Product structure: refers to the structural difficulty of the plastic parts provided by the customer. Generally speaking, it can be understood that the more complex the shape of the plastic part, the more difficult it is to make the mold.

Technically speaking, the more parting surfaces of plastic parts, the more assembly positions, buckle positions, hole positions and rib positions, the more difficult it is to process. In both cases, the mold making time will be extended accordingly. Generally speaking, the more complex the mold structure, the lower the quality, the more difficult the processing, the more problematic points, and the slower the effect of the final product.

2. Product size: Yes, the larger the size, the longer the processing cycle of the plastic mold. In contrast, spare parts will take longer to process. 3. Product requirements: Different customers must have different requirements for products.

Whether the appearance surface of the design is sub-surface, smooth surface or mirror finish affects the manufacturing cycle of plastic molds. 4. Product material performance: Our products often have special requirements, and the requirements and processing technology for mold steel are also different. Some molds require anti-corrosion or soft rubber molds, which will be different, and the manufacturing and processing process will be more complicated.

5. The number of mold cavities: that is, how many holes a set of molds have and how many products a set of molds can produce depends on the size of the customer's product market. Making two products is definitely not the same as one product, and the processing time will be different. Usually, because the market for new products is not yet fully open, there is not much market demand for the product.

At this time, the number of holes in the injection mold is not many, and the market supply can be guaranteed. The price/performance ratio is relatively high. Of course, after the product market matures, the number of cavities of the mold must increase.

Determine whether to change the number of cavities according to market demand to feed back market demand. The above are the factors of the injection mold opening cycle. The general injection mold processing cycle is about 20-25 days.

The specific time mainly depends on the mold. Generally, suppliers will have conservative hours. If the product is really urgent, they can negotiate with the supplier to shorten the time.

Occasionally, however, unexpected situations arise during production. Therefore, the actual situation should prevail. When processing injection molds, the processing of plastic parts is not complicated.

As long as the personnel and machines are in place, the production cycle is basically easy to calculate.

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