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How should injection mold users effectively manage injection molds?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

I believe that injection mold practitioners are no strangers to the projects that need to be managed in injection mold processing, so practitioners who are not in the injection mold industry also need to deal with injection molds at work, especially in product development and product customization. Without opening injection molds, it has been widely used in product manufacturing in various fields. So, how can non-injection mold industry practitioners and injection mold users effectively manage injection molds? Let's take a look with the injection mold processing manufacturers. 1. Before the injection mold is processed, before the injection mold is produced, it is necessary to find an injection mold factory with project management capabilities, entrust or cooperate to manage the injection mold processing: A, process conditions B, molding materials C, mold life D, molding cycle these four On the one hand, it can meet the production efficiency, cost control and quality assurance of injection molding batch production after the injection mold processing is completed.

2. Injection mold processing When processing injection molds, you should understand: A, injection mold processing technology B, processing time of each processing procedure of injection mold C, mold test schedule D, mold evaluation standards at each stage In these four aspects, Try to avoid rushing to market and sell products. If you know the processing technology and processing time of injection molds, you will properly handle the coordination between injection mold processing time and product marketing plan. 3. After the injection mold processing is completed After the injection mold processing is completed, you should know: A. Whether the mold structure meets the design requirements B. Whether the product size meets the product design requirements C. Whether the product appearance meets the quality requirements D. Whether the product function violates laws and regulations E. Whether the product material meets the customer's use environment These five aspects determine the speed of product launch and sales.

We need to cooperate with the injection mold processing factory to adjust the mold to the best condition and enter mass production. As for the specialty of the injection mold factory, the consignor should also understand the production sequence of the injection mold and provide technical cooperation and assistance for the product. The above are some explanations on this issue. If you have other questions and needs, please contact us! .

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