How to choose a supplier of blow molding products


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

It is necessary to choose a stable and reputable supplier of blow molding products. It would be a pity if there is a problem with the mold due to greed for cheap and hasty purchase. There are actually many such cases. Although suppliers can be held accountable, the biggest losses are still mold companies and mold users. Blow molding products qualified For example, we spent 100,000 yuan to make a mold for a car glove box. The plastic used is PA+30%GF, the injection molding cycle is 30 seconds, and the mold life is 300,000 molds. As a result, the mold was finished, and the size and physical properties of the sample were reached. However, because it was difficult to take out the parts during injection molding, the injection molding cycle took 60 seconds, and the mold could not be used after 100,000 pieces were produced. In order to catch up with the matching of the whole vehicle , must cast the mold again. According to the original mold situation, three sets of molds need to be cast at once. It also costs so much money. My opinion is that the cost of this set of molds is 3 times or 6 times the original budget. Have a different opinion? To sum up, in order to effectively control the cost of blow molding product molds, it is necessary to do: Reasonable product design of blow molding products, minimal design changes, perfect mold design and processing process, good communication between product engineers and mold engineers.

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