How to choose high precision CNC lathe tools


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The bearings of the high-precision CNC lathe adopt front and rear paired high-speed bearings, which have high speed, high rigidity, low noise, long-lasting precision, and the runout of the spindle is less than 3um. The lathe adopts high-rigidity cast iron and resin sand technology. The overall structure of the bed foot and the bed has the characteristics of smooth chip removal, compact structure, and beautiful appearance. High speed and accuracy can greatly save processing time. There are two specific ways to select tools for high-precision CNC lathes: 1. Sequential tool selection for high-precision CNC lathes. Insert it into the JJ seat of the tool magazine, and turn to the tool picking position in sequence when in use. Return used knives to their original holders.

This method does not require a tool identification device, the drive control is relatively simple, and the work is reliable. However, every tool in the tool magazine cannot be reused in different processes. In order to meet the processing needs, only the number of tools and the capacity of the tool magazine can be increased, which reduces the utilization rate of the tool and tool magazine.

In addition, you must be very careful when installing knives. If the knives are not installed in the tool magazine in sequence, serious consequences will occur. 2. High-precision CNC lathe optional tool The optional tool method is to select the required tool arbitrarily according to the requirements of the program instructions. The tool does not need to be arranged in the order of adding T in the tool magazine, and can be stored arbitrarily. Each tool (or tool seat) is coded, and the tool magazine rotates during automatic tool change, and each tool (or tool seat) is recognized by the "tool identification device".

When the code of a certain tool matches the code of the NC command, the tool is selected, and the tool magazine sends the tool to the tool change position, waiting for the robot to grab it. The advantage of arbitrary tool selection is that the arrangement order of the tools in the tool library has nothing to do with the machining sequence of the workpiece, and the same tool can be used repeatedly. Therefore, the number of tools can be less than that of the sequential tool selection method, and the tool magazine is correspondingly smaller.

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