How to choose materials for injection molds?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

According to the use conditions and processing methods of injection molds, the injection mold materials are selected as follows: 1. The working conditions of injection molds Due to the development of injection molding and injection molding industry, the quality requirements of injection molds are getting higher and higher, so the injection molds The failure problem and its influencing factors have become important research topics. The main working parts of the injection mold are molding parts, such as punches, dies, etc., which constitute the cavity of the injection mold to form various surfaces of the injection molded parts and directly contact the injection molding, and withstand pressure, temperature, friction and corrosion, etc. effect. 2. Analysis of the cause of failure of injection mold materials The general mold injection manufacturing includes mold design, material selection, heat treatment, machining, debugging and installation.

According to the survey, among the factors of mold failure, the material and heat treatment used in the mold are the main factors affecting the service life. From the perspective of total quality management, the factors that affect the service life of the mold cannot be measured as the sum of polynomials, but should be the product of multiple factors. In this way, the pros and cons of mold materials and heat treatment are particularly important in the entire mold manufacturing process. important. From the analysis of the common phenomenon of mold failure, the injection mold can produce wear failure, local deformation failure and fracture failure during the service process.

The important failure modes of injection molds can be divided into wear failure, local plastic deformation failure and fracture failure. 3. Injection mold steel performance requirements With the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, the injection mold is an indispensable tool in the injection molding process, and its proportion in the total mold output is increasing year by year. With the development and continuous production of high-performance injection molding, The types of injection molding products are increasing day by day, the uses are expanding, and the products are developing towards precision, large-scale and complexity. Molding production is developing towards high speed, and the working conditions of molds are becoming more and more complicated.

In addition, injection mold processing manufacturers should try to avoid choosing materials with the same organizational structure when selecting injection mold materials! .

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