How to choose tools for CNC vertical lathe processing


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

During CNC vertical lathe processing, the tool plays a very important role. If the selected tool model is wrong, the processed workpiece may not meet the production demand. Therefore, many people hope to know how to choose Knives, in this case, let's take a look at what factors should be considered when choosing a knife today. 1. If it is a rough car, then, when choosing a tool for CNC vertical lathe processing, you must choose the one that has higher strength and better durability, because only such a tool can satisfy rough car processing. related needs in the process. 2. If it is a fine car, then when choosing a tool for CNC vertical lathe processing, it is necessary to choose a tool with higher precision and durability, because such a tool can meet the requirements for the accuracy of the machined parts during processing, so as to ensure Produces workpieces with relatively high precision.

3. If you want the tool you choose to be more durable, and it is more convenient to change and set the tool, then, when choosing the tool, you should try to choose the kind of machine clamp, and the blade should choose that kind of machine clamp Only in this way can you ensure that you will not waste too much time on issues such as tool change and tool setting, and at the same time avoid the situation that the workpiece produced by the company is not exquisite due to blade wear and other reasons.

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