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How to control the size of plastic precision injection mold


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Because there are great differences in market demand for molds and mold products, there are many types, and there are great changes in shape, size, material, structure, etc., so high requirements are put forward for the production of molds and mold products. , and how to effectively control the size of plastic precision injection molds is the first problem we have to solve. 1. First of all, we must have a full understanding of the user's technical requirements in terms of plastic precision injection mold structure, material, hardness, precision, etc., including whether the shrinkage of the formed plastic part is correct, whether the three-dimensional shape of the product is complete, and whether the processing is reasonable, etc. 2. Parts that affect the appearance, such as shrinkage cavities, flow marks, drafting angles, weld lines and cracks, etc., should be fully considered for injection products.

3. On the premise of not affecting the function and pattern of injection molded products, the processing method of plastic precision injection molds should be simplified as much as possible. 4. Whether the selection of the parting surface is appropriate, whether the mold processing, molding appearance and deburring treatment of the molded parts are careful. 5. Whether the ejection method of the plastic precision injection mold is appropriate, whether the push rod, push plate, ejector sleeve or other methods are used, and whether the position of the push rod and the unloading plate is appropriate.

6. Whether the side core-pulling mechanism of the plastic precision injection mold is used properly, whether the action is flexible and reliable, and there should be no sticking phenomenon. 7. What method of mold temperature control is more suitable for plastic products, what structure and ring system is used for coolant, whether the size, quantity, and position of coolant holes are appropriate, etc. 8. The form of the gate, the size of the feed channel and the feed port, and whether the position and size of the gate are appropriate.

9. The influence of heat treatment deformation of various components and mold cores and whether the selection of standard parts is appropriate. 10. Whether the injection volume of the injection molding machine, the injection pressure and the clamping force are sufficient, whether the size of the injection port R and the gate hole match.

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