How to create a good environment for CNC vertical lathe processing


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Because there are a lot of electronic components in CNC vertical lathe processing, these electronic components are afraid of direct sunlight on them, and also afraid of humid environments, and even more worried about dust or vibration. Once troubled by these factors, it is easy to let the inside Corrosion of the electronic components may cause the components to go bad or short-circuit. The consequence of such a situation is that the equipment will appear in an abnormal state during actual operation. So, how can these situations be avoided? When installing Shanghai CNC vertical lathe, the installer must ensure that the environment used is clean, free from vibration, dry and at a constant temperature. In addition, the power supply should be in a state of constant voltage for a long time. In principle, it is fluctuating. The range should not be too large, not more than 10%. If it exceeds this fluctuation range, the use of the equipment will be affected. The above is the method of Shanghai CNC vertical lathe processing to create a good environment. If the enterprise hopes that this kind of equipment can be used for a long time in a relatively ideal environment, then, when using the equipment, it must pay attention to choose one that is really suitable for this kind of equipment. environment, otherwise equipment failure may occur.

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