How to deal with the abnormal situation found in the injection molding process?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

How to deal with the abnormal situation found in the injection mold process? The Xingye Xiaobian of Shanghai Injection Molding Factory will introduce the treatment method for the abnormal situation found in the injection mold process: 1. We found that there is an abnormality in the mold production. Production should be suspended first, photos should be taken and relevant records should be made. 2. Problem analysis.

The mold master first analyzes the mold problem and sees the specific cause of the problem. For example improper, mechanical problems, improper operation and so on. 3. Contact the mold manufacturer or the professional maintenance department of your own factory to obtain solutions and maintenance support.

4. According to the maintenance plan of the mold master, reasonably arrange the production plan, use the spare mold or suspend the production. 5. Carry out mold maintenance. After the mold maintenance is completed, the mold test should be carried out before production.

The mold master should follow up the mold test to confirm the maintenance effect. 6. During the mold trial process, if the function, appearance, etc. are found. If the requirements are not met, the mold should be restarted for maintenance.

Until the requirements are met, the relevant departments will confirm the effect of the mold trial on site and start mass production. For more information about plastic molds, please visit Xingye's official website:

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