How to effectively maintain the injection mold?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

How to effectively maintain the injection mold? Generally speaking, plastic molds cannot be rusted. If rust is found, grind and polish with a grinder. If there is water and dirt in the cooling channel, the flow channel needs to be cleaned.

If the dirt is difficult to remove, use copper rods, copper wire and professional plastic mold cleaner to remove dirt from plastic molds, or injection molding and other residues. Maintenance is not something that can be accomplished overnight, but something that must be implemented in a standardized manner. The following small editor from Shanghai Injection Molding Factory Xingye will introduce the skills of maintaining injection molds: First of all, the company should equip each plastic mold with a resume card to record and count its use, care and damage in detail.

According to these data, we can find out which parts and parts are damaged and worn, so as to provide information for finding and solving problems, as well as the molding process parameters of plastic molds and the materials used in products, so as to shorten the trial run time of plastic molds and improve production efficiency. Generally speaking, as the production time continues to prolong, the cooling channel is prone to deposit scale, corrosion, silt and algae, which makes the cooling channel section smaller and the cooling channel narrower, which greatly reduces the heat transfer rate between the cooling liquid and the plastic mold , which further increases the production cost of the enterprise. Therefore, attention should be paid to the cleaning of the runner.

This is especially important for businesses. For hot runner plastic molds, the maintenance of heating and control systems is beneficial to prevent production failures, so it is particularly important. In this way, after the end of each production cycle, the band heaters, rod heaters, heating probes and thermocouples on the plastic mold should be measured with an ohmmeter.

If there is any damage, it should be replaced in time, and compared with the plastic mold resume, it should be recorded well, so that problems can be found in time and countermeasures can be taken. If no problems are found, all the better. Injection molding is a very precise thing.

Therefore, the maintenance work is also more delicate. The above also explains how to solve problems such as rusting of plastic molds. How to avoid the accumulation of dirt, narrowing the cooling channels? Maintenance after heater production.

Only by effectively maintaining the injection mold can its service life be extended. For more information about injection molds, please visit the official website of Xingye:

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