How to find Shanghai CNC lathe processing manufacturers?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

For enterprises engaged in mechanical processing, the method of finding high-quality Shanghai CNC lathe processing manufacturers is more or less known, for example: 1. According to the introduction of acquaintances: everyone in a circle will have their own contacts more or less , so the introduction of acquaintances is also the most common way to find CNC machine tool manufacturers. 2. Participate in exhibitions: If your own network of contacts has not been established, then pay attention to the exhibition information of the machinery industry, participate on time, and find CNC machine tool manufacturers is also very easy. 3. B2B website of the machining industry: This is a new platform for finding processing manufacturers, and it is also the most convenient.

Among these three methods, everyone is very familiar with the first two. So for this, let's focus on the third type: With the introduction of concepts such as my country's industrial manufacturing 4.0, Internet + and industrial Internet, people are paying more and more attention to the role of the Internet in the industrial field. So, what is the result of the addition of the industry and the Internet industry? Let's take the hook net as an example to explain to you.

First of all, the industry can build an efficient outsourcing platform with the help of the Internet. The initial certification of Hooknet ensures the authenticity of suppliers and demanders, and displays them on a transparent platform, so that both parties have more promotion channels and greater choice. Moreover, each supplier has a display of company information, and the buyer can choose according to its company information, processing technology, and quotation, and can screen out high-quality companies.

Secondly, the issue that both parties are most concerned about is the issue of transaction guarantee. Many suppliers often encounter difficulties in collecting payment when receiving payment. In response to this problem, the hook network creatively proposed a third-party platform transaction guarantee model, so that external transactions through the platform can be more at ease. Finally, the B2B website of the machinery industry is still an intelligent production management system. For example, has its own system to help everyone solve the problem of cumbersome quotations.

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