How to get actual efficiency in CNC vertical lathe processing


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The processing level of high-precision large-scale thin-walled parts has been greatly improved in the industry. The rapid development of CNC vertical lathes in the processing industry and large-scale CNC vertical lathe processing equipment have met the growing needs of processing technology. Through automatic control The manufacturer of the rectifier solves the problem that this series is a complete digital control device that can directly supply three-phase AC power and is compact. Now, in order to solve the positioning system and the problem of the longitudinal axis of the indexing vertical lathe of large-scale vertical lathe CNC, the modification plan of the system servo power, propose and complete the design of hardware and software, and complete it with positioning control, and the spindle indexing CNC vertical lathe Machining in the conversion process, in order to achieve high positioning accuracy through error compensation, to complete the transformation of the electric drive system, the idea of ​​mechanized programming and mathematical programming models. Therefore, it will be used for high precision and large scale, new tool CNC vertical lathe processing, the vertical lathe shaft belongs to the accessories of CNC vertical lathe control, due to the field of armored control CNC vertical lathe vertical CNC, it is fixed to the tool and to the tool holder The other end of it is connected to the tool holder by the device of the vertical turning pin, the lower end of the tool holder is connected to the template, and the two ends are connected to the template, and the position of the tool axis in the cutting, and the tool holder's Wear and tear can be carried out later, and replacement can effectively extend the service life of the cutting head.

Since the machining accuracy of the new type of CNC vertical lathe is very high now, the CNC control of the vertical lathe carriage is to spread digital signals, because every time the signal sent by the numerical control device, the equivalent pulse of the moving parts of the vertical lathe moves, so the vertical lathe CNC The positioning accuracy of the carriage is relatively high, and nowadays CNC vertical lathe processing has many advantages, for CNC vertical lathe, the spindle and feed speed are ideal, the powerful vertical CNC cutting lathe is entering a new era, so as to realize the continuous operation of modern industry requirements for vertical lathe processing.

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